Nutrition is the science that studies foods and their effects on the human being, while dietetics is the study of all the rules that must govern the diet of the human being.


  • Food rebalancing (healthy lifestyle, physical well being)
  • Weight loss – weight gain
  • Sports nutrition (sports of strength and endurance, bodybuilding – weight gain – muscle dryness …)
  • Micronutrition (Optimization of micronutrient deficiencies)
  • Allergy – food intolerance (gluten, lactose, oilseeds …)
  • Follow-up of the pregnant woman
  • Post pregnancy diet
  • Hormonal rebalancing – management of menopausal women
  • Eating disorders (hyperphagia, excessive snacking, anorexia, bulimia …)
  • Metabolic disorders diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome …)
  • Digestive disorders (digestive discomfort, gastro-oesophageal reflux, Crohn’s disease …)
  • Cardiovascular disorders

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