I practiced general medicine as a family physician 12 years in a village in the forest of Rambouillet, then 20 years at the Turbie. In recent years, I was surprised by the absence in Monaco and its periphery of a multidisciplinary unit in which one or more general practitioners would be surrounded by paramedics and specialists to ensure optimal medical service. In addition, the problem of accessibility for persons with disabilities, which was compulsory for all public places, including medical offices, was to arise as from 2017.

In February 2016, I had the opportunity to give shape to this project in a premises of 170m2 in Beausoleil, 100 m from the border Monaco: the Medical Point center came to life. I then proposed to Maxime Castejon, a physiotherapist, whom I knew and enjoyed for a long time, to embark on an adventure with me; he was also very interested in this project. For several months, rehabilitation work has been carried out to accommodate patients in a high-end office and complying with the regulations in force concerning access standards for disabled people.

It quickly became apparent to us that we must respond to the growing needs of physiotherapy and osteopathy, whether in the patient's office or in the patient's home; thus the Medical Point team has expanded to include three physiotherapists and one osteopath. Moreover, a pole devoted to the field of psychology with the presence of two psychologists specializing in psychotherapy EMDR, avant-garde therapy that avoids long-term care, quickly developed. A nurse completes the paramedical part.

Finally, in view of the growing demand for neurology, the absence of this specialty on the basin and the requirement of matter, I proposed to Dr. Romain Gouirand to integrate the center. A real added value at the Medical Point Center, he has done us the honor to accept.

Moreover, the center is located in the immediate vicinity of all medical specialists, the largest analysis laboratory in the Monegasque basin, several radiology centers and the Princesse Grace hospital in Monaco. This allows the general practitioner that I am to face all situations and to offer patients the complementarity and interdisciplinarity required by the demand for modern medicine, both human and efficient.

Thus, the medical center has been operating since 1 August 2016; we form a team tied in a friendly and confraternal atmosphere. Each of us is constantly looking for improvement and performance, always at the service of patients, as evidenced by this site.

Docteur Philippe SCEMAMA.