The presence in the office of several physiotherapists makes it possible to cope with all kinds of situations, as well as the many emergencies that we face, in Monaco or in the vicinity, in hotels or on yachts.



Maxime Castejon

Founding Partner (36 years old)

+33 (0)6 79 71 77 23

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Massimiliano Gangi

Associate (53 years old)

+33 (0)6 37 39 46 99

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Joe Challita


+33 (0)6 43 01 78 07

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Physiotherapy services

At the Medical Point, we practice physiotherapy based on manual and individual care.

Works in chain Muscles

It is an active work of elongation of the muscle chains which aims to improve the postural conditions, which are often the basic chronic problems.

Neurological physiotherapy (senior coaching)

Treatment of neurological pathologies, degenerative pathologies linked to aging, as well as cardiorespiratory rehabilitation.

Therapeutic massages and well-being

Massage done by a massage master who has for goal the relaxation, the rapid recovery of the muscles and an energy rebalancing.

Rendez-vous and rates

Sessions are made by appointment only, in the patient's office or in the patient's home according to the pathology and the requirements of the patient.

The sessions are taken care of by the French social security system as well as the Monegasque social security coverage for Monaco workers. However, they may be subject to an overrun of fees, depending on the different techniques used.

Any canceled appointment will be due if it has been notified less than 24 hours in advance except in case of force majeure