Claire Krokro

Claire Krokro


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About nurse Claire Krokro

I was born and raised in New Caledonia, a small French island in the South Pacific, after having studied nursing there, in 2003 I joined the Center Hospitalier Territorial, and the department of visceral and septic vascular surgery for 10 years, during this period I also made many replacements in different departments (resuscitation, intensive care, orthopedic surgery, emergency pulmonology, ophthalmology, cardiology). In 2013 I asked for my transfer to the mother-child pole where I worked mainly in neonatology with premature newborns and in maternity.
Since June 2019 my little family and I have left our beautiful island for new adventures in mainland France.

The choice of the liberal was obvious to me, so that I could put my professional qualities at the service of patients and their families at their homes.

Some about his practice

My years of hospital practice allowed me to know the taste for work within a multidisciplinary team, to practice a wide variety of technical and relationship care ranging from large bandages under negative pressure, complicated leg ulcers, to follow-up for the diabetic patient, for breastfeeding assistance and infant care.

I have specialized in recent years in relationship care and in particular in natural mothering techniques (carrying in a sling, breastfeeding, calinotherapy, infant massage, swaddling, washable diapers).

With heart we arrive at everything. Throughout my career, I have made my nursing practice a vocation, trying to bring to my patients what I would have liked for myself or my loved ones in the same situation.

In the valiant heart nothing impossible
Jacques Coeur