Dr Philippe Scemama

Dr Philippe Scemama

Specialist in General Medicine, graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris Vll Lariboisière-St Louis, Graduate of the International University of Mesotherapy

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About Dr. Philippe Scemama

Graduated in October 1984, Dr. Scemama began his career as a medical assistant to the Red Cross in the Hematology Department for one year (until 1985).

He then moved to Saint-Léger en Yvelines as a general practitioner from 1985 to 1997.

In 1997, he moved to the department of Alpes-Marîtimes, at La Turbie, where he would continue to practice as a general practitioner for almost 20 years.

He founded the medical and paramedical practice Médical Point in Beausoleil in August 2016.


  • Doctorate of general medicine in Paris VII Lariboisière – St Louis

About her practice of general medicine

Specialist in general medicine and mesotherapy.

ECG – scope to monitor cardiorespiratory disease.



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