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Joe Challita


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Graduating from the Institut de formation en Masso – kinésithérapie de Nice, Mr CHALLITA has subsequently cumulated several training courses in manual therapy in the muscular and articular field. Accustomed to emergency situations, it will relieve you of pains, whether they are muscular or joint and release you quickly and efficiently.

He is very specialized in manual lymphatic drainage, esthetics and well-being, whose objectives are to improve your circulation as well as your feelings of heavy legs, to drain toxins, to decrease your cellulite and to firm your skin.
– Mr. CHALLITA is also trained in “Face Sculptural lifting” by the master in the field, Mr. Yakov Gershkovic, osteopath and specialist in manual facial lifting.

“Face Sculpting” consists of reshaping the face from the outside to the inside with an external and intraoral massage. It is a natural skin rejuvenation approach that provides an immediate and non-invasive anti-aging response. The muscles are superimposed on each other so via access through the mouth, you can plump deeply and perform a double massage. It also makes it possible to offer a tailor-made approach by targeting areas to work more.
The effects are therefore multiple: anti-aging, muscle relaxation, anti-stress and radiance of the skin.

How is the treatment carried out?

the one-hour treatment takes place in two main stages:

1 / Muscle stretching of the face

The first 40 minutes are devoted to “muscle stretching” which aims to stimulate the muscles of the face (57 in total!) To oxygenate and stretch them. It is a deep tissue massage on the muscle fibers, which unblocks, one by one, the tensions accumulated in the face. Because you should know that wrinkles are formed according to facial twitching. This first part warms the muscles, creates a blood flow, while sculpting according to the bone morphology of the face. The oval is redefined and toned, the cheekbones are enhanced.

2 / Oral massage

The next 20 minutes revolve around the intraoral massage, while working the external part (tapping, vibrations, muscle stretching …). This double massage works on the muscle and joint junctions around the mouth, plumps up the nasolabial fold, perioral wrinkles and the oval of the face (chewing muscle). The entire contour of the mouth is an area that marks faster over time because the muscles are very powerful there.

Holder of an inter-university diploma in Pelvi-perineology of women at the Faculty of Medicine of Versailles and author of a thesis on the management of pelvic pain of endometriosis in manual therapy with the congratulations of the jury, He s ‘is thus specialized in the management of all types of pelvic or sexual pain.

For any consultations at home or if no appointment matches your expectations or to make an emergency appointment, please contact directly 06 43 01 78 07.


  • DE Masso-physiotherapy 2015 in Nice
  • D.I.U of Pelviperineology of Women at the University of Versailles
  • Specialties
  • Manual therapy
  • Pelviperinealogy
  • Shock waves.
  • Cryolypolysis
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Aesthetics physiotherapy
  • Manual therapy of pelvic and pelvic-perineal pain
  • Endometriosis

Others formations

  • 2019: Manual therapy training “Myotherapy” – International Society of Myotherapy – Auch
  • 2019: Uro-gynecological rehabilitation training certificate: comprehensive care – Institut de Pelvi-Périnéologie de Paris (IPPP)
  • 2017: Training certificate in manual lymphatic drainage – Institut de Pelvi-périnéologie de Paris (IPPP)
  • 2016: Training certificate in manual joint therapy “ENM” – Nice
  • 2016: Training certificate in female perineal reeducation – Physiotherapy format – Paris
  • 2016: Certificate of Training in massage techniques “SHIATSU” – Nice