Joe Challita

Joe Challita


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A graduate of the Nice Masso – Kinesitherapy training institute, Mr. CHALLITA subsequently cumulated several training courses in manual therapy in the muscular and articular field. Accustomed to emergency situations, it will be able to relieve you of pain, whether muscle or joint, and unblock you quickly and effectively.

He is very specialized in manual lymphatic drainage, aesthetics physiotherapy and well-being, the objectives of which are to improve your circulation as well as your feelings of heavy legs, to drain toxins, to decrease your cellulite and to firm up your skin.

In addition, after several training courses in Pelviperineology, he is currently in the process of acquiring an inter-university diploma in this field at the University of Versailles, where he is deepening his knowledge in the manual treatment of pelvic and perineal pain in the woman, and particularly endometriosis, which includes the most significant pains. He is also involved in several training courses in osteo-pelvic manual therapy and pelvic fasciatherapy

  • Diploma
  • DE Masso-physiotherapy 2015 in Nice
  • D.I.U of Pelviperineology of Women at the University of Versailles
  • Specialties
  • Manual therapy
  • Pelviperinealogy
  • Shock waves.
  • Cryolypolysis
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Aesthetics physiotherapy
  • Manual therapy of pelvic and pelvic-perineal pain
  • Endometriosis

Others formations

  • 2019: Manual therapy training “Myotherapy” – International Society of Myotherapy – Auch
  • 2019: Uro-gynecological rehabilitation training certificate: comprehensive care – Institut de Pelvi-Périnéologie de Paris (IPPP)
  • 2017: Training certificate in manual lymphatic drainage – Institut de Pelvi-périnéologie de Paris (IPPP)
  • 2016: Training certificate in manual joint therapy “ENM” – Nice
  • 2016: Training certificate in female perineal reeducation – Physiotherapy format – Paris
  • 2016: Certificate of Training in massage techniques “SHIATSU” – Nice