Joe Challita

Joe Challita


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Mr. CHALLITA practices several disciplines within his firm:

  • Manual joint therapy
  • Neurology
  • Sports physiotherapy and sports coaching
  • Manual therapy for pelvic and pelvic-perineal pain
  • Endometriosis
  • Human pelviperineology
  • He also specialized in aesthetic physiotherapy and lymphatic drainage of the lower limbs and face, thanks to his private training between Paris and Russia.

    Mr. CHALLITA trained at a prestigious university institute such as the University of Versailles, as well as the Faculties of Medicine of Nice and Montpellier. These university titles, associated with all of its practical training between Nice and Paris allow it to be as complete as possible within its profession, and to mobilize a maximum of knowledge with great practical efficiency in order to ensure the best care for its patients, whether in the muscular, articular or visceral fields.

    In a perpetual desire for improvement, Mr. CHALLITA continues to enrich himself through training and university diplomas and is also regularly updated with the latest advances in his discipline through the congresses of learned societies in which he regularly participates.

    For any consultations at home or if no appointment matches your expectations or to make an emergency appointment, please contact directly 06 43 01 78 07.