Maxime Castejon

Maxime Castejon

Founding Partner (36 years old)

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  • DE Masso-kinesitherapy 2003 in Marseille

Other training:

  • CECKS certificate of further studies in sports physiotherapy 2004
  • COA: articular osteopathy certificate: 2007
  • Kinesitherapy of golf: 2009
  • Legal Education: Master 2 Sports Law (currently PhD)

About his practice

I worked for 5 years as a partner in Martigues (13); Then I came to the Monégasque basin in 2008 where I created a liberal sports practice with other therapists and in which I stayed for 4 years. In parallel to this activity, I worked as a vacant for the football club of AS Monaco, but also on behalf of the French Golf Federation within the France Golf teams.
In 2011 personal considerations led me to reorient my professional activity. I left the practice in the office to devote myself solely to exercise in the patients’ home, until 2016, when, under the leadership of Dr. Philippe Scemama, we founded the Medical Point.

“Heal sometimes, relieve often, always listen” – Louis Pasteur